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Zombie Verrukt revisited and other stuff

We've been playing Shi no Numa and a bit of Der Riese for quite some time now. No dazzling records were made, particularly for the latter. The 'war of movement' is the primary strategy with perks and certain choice guns the tactical considerations. Feeling contented with the others, I revisited the ZV map and was pleasantly surprised by two things.

1. All of the perks are there!I must have forgotten them, as Quick Revive is within easy access and so too is Speed Cola. This map gained new life!

2. The random box comes BACK!!! This is the main one. Myself and Andrew had grown found of saying 'the game was over' whenever the box broke. Now though, it reappears - without any prompts. Cheers Rory!

In addition, we reached Round 23 in Shi No Numa. James had the Ray Gun and MG42, Andrew had the Ray Gun and MG42 and I had the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe. I got it in Round 8 or so, and kept it for the whole time! Gotta go play Dungeons & Dragons...

On Geofiction & Scenarios

Enter 'geofiction' into a Google search and you may well get many small sites but nothing too impressive. If you're me, multiply that feeling by a hundred! Geofiction is a hobby where people create fictitious worlds and populate them, develop their histories, cultures, languages... There are no great geofiction sites; no one big place to discuss the hobby. I hope to learn coding languages by the time I'm 25, so maybe I'll be the one who makes the website! Also, by then, perhaps there'll be several million people who will click my ads and donate spare cash to the site... sigh...


Now I need to make a one-off Dungeons and Dragons scenario for FanSci next week or in the following weeks. Nobody down there has run any D & D, largely due to the RP staff not liking it. A good number of the newbies there have heard of it/came to play it/have played it, suggesting that a game would be a hit (in demand, at least).

My niche is provided, as I have DM'd a single gam…

CoD5: Zombie - 3 Players' Tales

Myself and my two good friends, 'Jamdrew', have been walking into town almost every Saturday for the last 5 years or so. We only miss town for the odd family-related event (usually me, actually!). It has been good, but the one of the best things we do and have done since it came to Galway has been dropping into squareyes on Forster Street for a game or two. Lately, the game has been CoD:WaW, playing Zombies.

It all started out so humbly. I don't remember our first game, but it must have been good to keep us going for the last year or so. Playing in the old Nacht der Untoten was the place to be. Starting out in the big room, I would take the two windows on the left, James would hold the two windows front and back in the centre while Andrew would hold up the far right window. I would buy an M1 Carbine and it would last me for 8 rounds. I didn't need the random box - simpler times.

After 8 rounds, things got hectic. Andrew would be holding the room with the random box, whil…

James Barclay's Ravensoul Review - ~~ spoilers ~~

OK. I have been penting this up inside me for a long time now. I bought the book as soon as it came out, and loyally read the book cover to cover in order to complete the series I thought had ended at Book 6, Demonstorm. It was atrocious. The ending of 6 was dismal, not in its execution, but in its content. Terrible things just... happened. I suppose James did have a reputation of killing off main characters and I appreciated that - it was new to me at the time.

Ravensoul, Book7, returned to the Raven universe centred on the continent of Balaia. People were rebuilding, with The Unknown Warrior now as King of Balaia. This was probably the one thing that made the ending of Demonstorm less bitter. It was a humourous occasion, despite the grief over all the lost Raven members. As King, he has little power, he merely acts as a symbol for the people. He does all this while working in his bar in Xetesk. Fair play to him - its really funny to see a King throwing drunken patrons out!

The book ta…