27 February 2011

Guitars and playing music in general

I really do not like guitars. I can't play them. I feel weak whenever I lift one, no matter how light or how heavy and I feel like a waste of space in that I don't have the talent to play them. I wish I could play them and I have made a few attempts to play them to see if I somehow magically have the talent to play them without any kind of formal lessons or at least a few tips. As I like to think I'm a rational human being, I don't believe in magic or god-given talents so I think the only alternative is to get lessons.

If I could play guitar or had the time and money to afford lessons I would probably play electric guitar. My favourite band of all time, Fleetwood Mac, had a guitarist who played electric guitar most of the time. It would be my dream to bring back their music into the mainstream, but that's way beyond my power. I really like their drummer as well and wished to play drums but I found out quite recently that I simply don't have the rhythm to play drums. Yay!

If I ever get accepted to go on Erasmus I'll shuffle the amount of time I spend sitting around at home to learning new things. One of those will be music. I plan on going to ballroom dancing lessons if I get accepted in Leiden, so this isn't too much to ask!

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