14 March 2011

Itzacon VII

I was on the committee for Itzacon VII, a gaming convention in NUI Galway. I was tasked with being LARPS Coordinator, a job I approached with some apprehension but fully acknowledging I could get stuff done and ultimately succeed in that role. I think I did so.

Friday was a quiet night. The staff were told to set up the convention while the committee were basically allowed to kick back in some cases. I tried to find a balance! I did this by coming in late but then helping set up the Art Room as a rudimentary kitchen. This was a fantastic idea for a convention as it allowed us to serve proper, nutritious food to all staff, committee and game masters and not crash-heavy sugary snacks. There were no games of my jurisdiction on in the evening slot so I made sure everything was set up and joined everyone on the bar afterwards for a short while. Myself and a friend had a mutual bitch on an unrelated matter.

Saturday was infinitely bigger for me. I arrived early but was fairly ground down by the afternoon slot, when my first LARP was set to run. It was being GM'd by two lads up from the South who were great sports and had not a bother on them. I made sure they got a room - the nice big Cube - and acquired some staff to plug in the tickets that hadn't been sold. That was pretty much my main function for the weekend after this - making sure LARPs got plugged by staff and that they ran somewhat on time. Time wasn't of the essence however and I managed to keep a level head in front of people when it came to my job. I think cracks were appearing with regards to my own self.
The evening slot was the big one, which was being run by three GMs and set in the Bank of Ireland Theatre. It took them a while to set up and I don't blame them while the actual LARP crowd who had bought tickets were getting annoyed at that slight delay in the slot. I managed to retain my patience - just about - and plugged the game. 16 tickets sold out of 20, so I grabbed 4 staffers and they didn't mind too much playing! It was a very well-received game, much like the earlier one. I spent much of the game waiting in the Art Room for the results. Everyone was very happy so I was happy!

Sunday was the final slot - the morning one, which is a tall order given the night that was Saturday but 7 people bought tickets out of 10, with two staffers and myself plugged in to make it run! I had great fun playing the timid girl of the bunch - Straight Kate - in an East End gangsters game. It was immense fun for all involved and was handy for me as it was my second LARP ever - I could see how my coordination paid off on the ground!

I dragged my feet after that and eventually quit for home. All in all, a very successful Itzacon and a fin experience as a committee member. I discovered a few unpleasant things about my organisational character however and kind of hope I do not become RPG Coordinator next year. I need time to grow as a person; time to smooth over my blunt, impatient style of getting stuff done. It gets done, but people leave somewhat hurt while I leave with nascent stomach ulcers. Not fun!

Itzacon VII was fantastic and everyone deserves a thousand praises and more for making it so damn good!

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