06 March 2011

Spatial Awareness

I was walking back home from the College and I noticed something I'd been getting for a while now. Any time I'm walking through Newcastle it always feels infinitely smaller. I also feel like if I were able to fly, I would be able to go right up from Newcastle and straight to Menlo without exhausting myself or getting lost. I've always had an internal map of Galway in my head since I started walking around the city but now it is much more pronounced.

Why? It is because I have left the city. I've left Galway and seen cities that are infinitely larger than Galway - namely Cork and Dublin. I'm reasonably savvy at navigating both with and without a map and enjoyed discovering that latter fact. I have also gone to Longford and indeed other counties and had a wander around. I still rely on the position of the sun to tell what direction I'm in - maybe I should ask a friend who knows scouting where the North Star is.

Ireland is shrinking - I need somewhere else to.

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