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Slipping again

Takes one night in of music and eating junk to turn me back in on myself. Not pleased, not pleased at all.
I need to kick my deleterious habits which I seem to have adapted prior to exam season. I now have nothing left but them, so it makes them seem closer.
If my right calf is OK tomorrow I'll run. Otherwise, the walk to the Library will have to do.

Retroactive: Friendship freedom?

In primary school, you were not able to control who your friends were. This decreased towards the end of your tenure. Friends were decided by two factors: (limited) personal preference and (unlimited) parental control. Personal preference refers to the actual interests of the child in question. Parental control is the deciding factor, however. They can create an environment where a child is taught to like other children from a certain class, cultural or status background. In my case, I went to a middle class school in a middle class area of suburbia. I have no non-White friends to this day and am somewhat intolerant of working class difficulties.
In secondary school, there is even less freedom to manoeuvre. By the end of primary school you are part of an In-Group or an Out-Group. You are also shunted into a class which doesn't change at all until the end of Junior Certificate, on other words three years. Being key formative years, it can be extremely difficult to conform with the I…

Last lecture done; study until exams!

Had my last lecture there - it was Modern Political Thought, or as I like to call it, Political Philosophy. The lecturer, Pete Morriss, deserves the applause he got, it was a very nice end lecture. Full of laughs!
I have 5 exams between April 20th and May 18th. I am well on my way to being set for 2 of them, both in Sociology & Political Science. The third module in that subject is the first exam I have and have already passed by virtue of work done during the year. In History, I have two written exams: Irish History and British History. I am not prepared for these at all but with over a month until they start I think I can push myself up to C territory.
Political Philosophy is taught in two parts; Social Contract and Utilitarianism. We learned about Hobbes and Locke in the first part followed by Bentham and Mill in the latter part. I really liked the first part as it made a lot of sense to me and I plan on writing primarily on Hobbes but we'll see how my studies go. I've al…