15 June 2011

74 days left!

Only 74 days until I am definitely out of the country and the summer ends for me. But my life shall continue into Autumn, which will be spent in Finland! Apparently, it is the land of three winters. Autumn winter, high winter and Spring winter. Yay!

I haven't yet received the welcome package for the college I'm going to but they assured me it would arrive at the end of this week or the start of the next. I've been checking my student mail since March in anticipation of something happening. I really want it to happen, but as my best friend Cathy says, I won't believe I'm going there until I step off the plane. I have the option of either a big student hostel where I live with a good few people or apartments with two or three other people. I'd prefer the latter - I'd hate to share my kitchen with 30 other people! As an Erasmus student, I can leave my booking to six weeks prior to the lease, which is better than natives, who must book three months in advance!

I am also trying to get some employment before leaving the country. I would like some money to ease the burden on my parents. I have two options now - I might be working at the Galway Races thanks to a neighbour, which is in early August for two weeks, while in the meantime I'm going to try and get work either in Tribes, Dignity or some cleaning job somewhere. The grand plan is to acquire some work and money here and then try and work in Finland, perhaps in an Irish Bar if they'll take me!

That's the scandal for the moment. I'm up this late because of caffeine and sugar, soon to crash!

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