11 June 2011

Travelling in the country

Travel is expensive! I'm planning to travel down to Cork next weekend and it will cost loads. 24 euro for student return. I've done this before, around half a year ago and yet it hasn't gotten cheaper. Accommodation will cost 30 euro which is grand considering I'm getting a somewhat up market hostel. The other ones were about half the price for a night. Finally I have to consider expenses for the day, such as food and other bits and bobs.

The last time I travelled down to Cork it was with the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society in the college. It cost around 30 euro for everything, but that was mainly because we were travelling in a group. I was horribly hungover at the start of the weekend, was too sick and fatigued to drink over the weekend and left feeling disenchanted. My previous two Cork adventures were much more entertaining! This next adventure is to get drunk and go out so not too much different from before but with someone very special!

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