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E-Day + 30

I've officially been here for a month. That's 8 months of my stay here left to go. It's been a rough month with lots of money spent on starting up, mistakes made on buying food and my refusal to accept that I should be living for Finland and Erasmus rather than obsessing about what's going on at home. Few lessons have been learned, all of them valuable in life!
I don't mind cleaning plates and whatnot now. Crucially, I don't mind cleaning other peoples' plates and glasses. With their food on them. I'm one of those people who finds other peoples' food both sacred (do not touch) and disgusting (do not touch!!!) but now I don't mind. We have to stay on top of cleaning dishes and saucepans and all that and of course cutlery. The place would fall apart otherwise, and me with it.
Washing my clothes is so easy and whatnot and indeed more satisfying. I do not mind washing my clothes in the communal laundry. I do not mind having to book two hour slots for …

World Turning

Everybody's trying to say I'm wrongI just wanna be back where I belong
World Turning I gotta get my feet back on the ground World Turning Everybody's got me down
Maybe I'm wrong but who's to say what's right I need somebody to help me through the night
World Turning I gotta get my feet back on the ground World Turning Everybody's got me down
Maybe I'm wrong but who's to say what's right I need somebody to help me through the night
World Turning I gotta get my feet back on the ground World Turning Everybody's got me down
Turning, everybody's got me down World Turning Everybody's got me down
--Fleetwood Mac 1975
I kind of love this song right now. It sums up everything myself and herself are going through at home and abroad!

E-Day + 24

All is well in Haliskyla. I've been practicing my German, my Swedish, my Finnish and my French. My Irish remains under-used and my English is dominant. I'm writing this while under the influence of beer and vodka, so pardon anything.
All is well here. It's been a very quiet weekend of movies and internet surfing. I've navigated most of my current web comics and must expand into a few others. Just to keep me entertained. I'm mostly settled in now, with most appliances bought or working all is well here. I've been at peace with my house mates since I've moved in so I've been very lucky!
We had our house party today. I had quite a bit of food before we started. I had cereal and a sandwich before the mandatory house meeting at half 4. There were a lot there and myself and Hamish attended. It was pretty much standard - no parties, so we were a bit nervous! There were meant t be 33 attending our house party that night! We all had gin, vodka, whiskey and plenty …

E-Day + 16

It's only been a little while since I've updated this but it feels like ages! A lot has happened to me personally in the last few days and a few new developments in Turku that are worth mentioning have happened!
On Friday and Saturday I hit a definite low. I was doing nothing, the weather outside was delightful and the whole thing was very frightful. It wasn't so much homesickness as it was boredom! I didn't really feel like doing anything so I just lay in bed or surfed the net. Whenever I thought about how little I was doing, I got upset and more sullen. Not cool!
I got much cheered up on Saturday night when myself and my two roomies went to a bar nearby and played pool and drank some beers. They taught me how to play better, which is good! I was happy to learn. We went to another place after for darts. We then returned home for junk cooking, which was really nice in the end! Felt much better. So much so Sunday was another off day but Skyped and mailed and was much happ…

E-Day + 10

Ten days after touching down in Finland, I am doing very well for myself! I know a whole bunch of people from all over the world, have a flat that keeps getting more homely and all the time in the world to explore Turku.
I moved into my flat after scouting it out on foot without any bags one day. I took the long way around to get there but the whole time was in awe. Just outside the city itself are all these gorgeous forests, fields and sights that need to be captured to be believed! Eventually found Halinen and went into my flat. The other roommates weren't there yet or at the time but all I remember is how depressed I was looking at the place. It was a tip! The previous tenants had left it in a state. I left fairly soon and went back to the hotel. The moved in on the 1st of September. It was quite painful as I had to lug all my bags around and find the bus to my place. I found it and had to run in, introduce myself to my American flat mate Brian and then run off again - damn Orie…