14 September 2011

E-Day + 16

It's only been a little while since I've updated this but it feels like ages! A lot has happened to me personally in the last few days and a few new developments in Turku that are worth mentioning have happened!

On Friday and Saturday I hit a definite low. I was doing nothing, the weather outside was delightful and the whole thing was very frightful. It wasn't so much homesickness as it was boredom! I didn't really feel like doing anything so I just lay in bed or surfed the net. Whenever I thought about how little I was doing, I got upset and more sullen. Not cool!

I got much cheered up on Saturday night when myself and my two roomies went to a bar nearby and played pool and drank some beers. They taught me how to play better, which is good! I was happy to learn. We went to another place after for darts. We then returned home for junk cooking, which was really nice in the end! Felt much better. So much so Sunday was another off day but Skyped and mailed and was much happier after that!

On Monday we invited some people over for drinks and whatnot. I had coffee and water, wasn't in the state for alcohol again so soon! Lots of chat as we had a German, a Turk, a Belgian, a Scot, an Irishman and a Yank. The conversation quality fluctuated a lot and eventually drove the remaining guests from the house. Not in a bad way!

On Tuesday I got up early to meet my tutor for lunch. It was at half 11 so I was in bits! Hadn't slept well either. Didn't matter as we had a good chat and a fine lunch. He showed me where to find my key as well as got money from me that I owed him. I walked him to his lecture then went into town. I bought a camera at last and even though its disposable it'll do. Was very tired but still shopped around despite it all. Bought a card for Cathy too!

Today myself and Brian went in and I got my card programmed for the gym while he bought his card as I had the other day. It was absolutely pouring in Turku so we returned home - after buying some dried reindeer! It was good but very salty! Now I'm just chilling... I'll write something more substantive again soon!

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