22 September 2011

E-Day + 24

All is well in Haliskyla. I've been practicing my German, my Swedish, my Finnish and my French. My Irish remains under-used and my English is dominant. I'm writing this while under the influence of beer and vodka, so pardon anything.

All is well here. It's been a very quiet weekend of movies and internet surfing. I've navigated most of my current web comics and must expand into a few others. Just to keep me entertained. I'm mostly settled in now, with most appliances bought or working all is well here. I've been at peace with my house mates since I've moved in so I've been very lucky!

We had our house party today. I had quite a bit of food before we started. I had cereal and a sandwich before the mandatory house meeting at half 4. There were a lot there and myself and Hamish attended. It was pretty much standard - no parties, so we were a bit nervous! There were meant t be 33 attending our house party that night! We all had gin, vodka, whiskey and plenty of beer to keep us going.

The house party was excellent. It was very packed for the first two hours but petered out after 12. It's 3:30 and I'm still posting. Finally met people like Natasha, Lea and Jasmine who I meant to meet at the start of the year. Some others as well that I hadn't meant in person I finally met! I was a great night. Spent most of it drinking, socializing and whatnot so was a happy host! The Mac were playing the whole time so delighted!

All is well in Turku. And my love is coming here in October so I'm happy out :)

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