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Silver and Magic: The Zont Campaign

"Magic was once something people prayed to the gods for. It could also be acquired by studying at special magical colleges. The Clerics in the former instance dominated while the Wizards created by the colleges were few and rarely a concern. A Mage, a person of any class born with inherent magical prowess, was an abomination to the gods and most perished after birth or hid away their abilities.
Magic had crept back into the blood of the common man and reduced the importance of the major religions. The vicious Mage Wars fought only a century ago still scar Lacour and Kalousa, with the Clerics of Fire fighting themselves, the Clerics of Earth and the common folk, who created the ‘Storm Kingdoms’ to escape the slaughter. Peace arrived with the end of the Three Queens’ Reign of Terror in Lacour and the victory of the Red Mages over the Golden Phalanx in the Kalousan Civil War. People with the Mage gene have equality in the eyes of the law, but still face a lot of discrimination…