21 December 2013

Just Unfollow

Interesting to use this to easily remove people who don't follow you back and/or have stopped following you. I know I just spam YouTube links but I was genuinely hurt by some of my findings. I mean, Colm Keaveney, our glorious East Galway TD for FF had 6000 followers and just under 6000 following... one of them being me ;_;

Of course, the majority of those who don't follow me are companies, celebrities and funny bots that I don't expect to follow me back.

I would recommend this application but it limits you to a certain amount of easy unfollows per day unless you pay them to upgrade. Not likely!

All your info is processed and listed out to you, like who isn't following you, who you are following, inactive followers, a whitelist, a blacklist and much more!

I'm very tired now and the quality of this post reflects that. Good night!

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