20 December 2013

Tired but productive

Good evening,

All is well with me. I am happy to say that I have procured a number of books from the library which I shall use to write two essays due for January. The library is closed for a while over Christmas and owing to my laziness in November I am forced to work on assignments now. I need to type another essay which is basically done; three things to do! I am working tomorrow and Sunday, then taking all the week days off, then back to these:

Irish historiography essay - almost done. It was excruciating to research at times and difficult to get myself to even start it but I am now in a position where I can get it done in one or two sittings (preferably this weekend), having notes from 11 books.

My Crusade essay on Bohemond of Antioch, the most interesting character of the First Crusade, has yet to be started in any way but I acquired the Gesta Tancredi and the Alexiad which among a heap of secondary readings will allow me to finish that handily enough. I shall crack into it next weekend after Christmas.

My final essay is going to be about counter factual Japanese history and the decisions facing the state and its politicians - was Pearl Harbor necessary? What if they had invaded the USSR instead? I will have fun with this one.

I find myself fairly energetic in the day but wrecked in the evening, so must be doing something right for the moment. Myself and my girlfriend both have stuff to do every day so we don't mind being lazy in the evenings - we are recharging for the next bash at assignments!

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