25 June 2014

First post of 2014... in June

Everything is going well with me, or so it seems. The MA is almost done, just have the dissertation to research for and type. I know where most of my sources are so not much left for me to do other than get the damned thing finished. I don't really mind it that much, but I am hovering at 60% and need a decent mark to keep me in for a 2:1.

Theo is doing well - he is full of chat, walking and climbing and exploring. He has gotten quite good at copying what we do and is extremely perceptive; he sees things he shouldn't and remembers where everything is.

After all this is done, I have the Tote job to look forward to, which should pay for the TEFL and get us out of here for a year. Maybe after all that I might look into a PhD, more than likely with my old friends in Soc & Pol if they will have me.

I am also still sitting on my writing, getting bits done here and there; someday something will be done and I hope to get published.

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