10 February 2015


Cathy is going to Belfast tomorrow for three days, I hope she enjoys.

I hope to apply for some jobs in person over the next three days to chance my arm, because the other two irons I have in the fire don't look like they're going to yield anything any time soon.

Definitely swinging over to leaving Ireland entirely, or at least Galway. Not very happy living here at the moment and can't see us living here for another 5 or 6 years.

TEFL is going reasonably well, hopefully have it done by April.

East Asia is still on the cards, maybe even this year.

Dogs, cats or cows? Dogs are useless, cows can be replaced in various ways leaving cats and their pest control. I dislike cats but not as much as dogs - I'm really winning people over with this!

Some income now, though very small. Employment in a job preferable by far.

I hope to run a Skype RPG session soon for the first time to complete the Mistaken Identity adventure.


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