01 September 2015

September update???

Hoping to move up to 4km on running track this week. The slow way back up to 12km in a hour, but my body remembers the halcyon days of 2007-2010!

Job front - maybe something coming very soon, otherwise may need to do another stint with Game of Thrones for a few weeks in Belfast. I don't mind either way, but something more permanent would be nice as ever.

Caffy is doing well - we hope to get the TEFL done and to have various grades of driving licenses by early 2016. Will probably be leaving the country around the time we celebrate that silly bloodbath in Dublin.

Theo is great, just back to creche this week for Montessori - he's flying in every morning, he can't wait to go. He has had a long enough holiday, he loves playing and learning with his friends!

Interests - slowing down on my return to fiction novels, must switch away from Erikson to something different. Slightly back into 40k but won't buy any models, but some glue and some green and grey paint would be lovely plus black spray can.

GAA about to wrap up again. Let's hope Mayo put the Dubs to rest and Galway end the famine and maybe even win a few more this decade.

Call of Cthulhu and some Space Crusade most Sundays so we're getting some gaming in. Royce was down last week with lovely Liam so we got some vidya and board games to play. Got to speak to an old friend to via messaging so that was nice, always nice to re-connect!

I haven't been writing much at all the last few months but the gears are always turning. Rather than write the semi-autobiographical fantasy epic, why not write the original trilogy idea full of colours and magic?

Otherwise depression levels low, probably owing to job prospects being OK for the short term and anxiety levels falling down with it, anxiety from living in a white room in a foreign country where everything was expensive and far away. Still want to go back there though, if only to see it one more time before leaving for Asian metropolis du jour.

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