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Reviews of some shite I've enjoyed/hated over the last few months #5 T.I.M.E Stories The Marcy Case and Prophecy of Dragons

The Marcy Case

I had the opportunity to play this a few months ago at my brother's house. The other two guys plus my brother played the Asylum one first then when I was over at some point they offered to bring me in as the new green agent for The Marcy Case!

I had no idea what I was getting into when the board was being set up and the lovely colourful pieces were brought out and the base cards were laid down in panorama.

The Marcy Case started out with zombies! This was a major surprise to the others who had played Asylum first and myself too I guess - it was not foreshadowed at all - save the girl save the world.

The artwork is gorgeous. From the base cards to 1992 in Wisconsin the game was beautifully presented. It had a very The Walking Dead Vol 1 feel to it.

Mechanics were lovely and simple, 1 Time Unit to move, take a test to potentially do nothing but as the timer is going down every turn planning is vital.

Tests were really cool, combat skills were there but I enjoyed the u…

For My Amusement #1 : CAW Survivor Series 2015 results (delayed)

I was playing a bit of WWE: Day of Reckoning 1 over the last few weeks and I decided to amuse myself by making a few PPV cards and playing through them. Some of the 'feuds' emerged somewhat naturally from my own imagination but also from what happened in a few playtest matches here and there and I decided to build on them into a storyline.

Survivor Series 2015

The Pincer Memorial Survivor Series has most of the golden 16 participating as usual.

1. The Blacksmith vs. Harpo

Despite the best efforts of the World Champion B'Smith, Harpo dominated the opening match and went on to snatch the victory after the Clown Up Combination.

2. BBJ vs Caflena

Once again the favourite going into the match was crushed, with BBJ forcing Caflena to tap out.

3. Disciple vs. Adolf Hitler

The Raw General Manager A-H was not the favourite going into this match up and a spirited Disciple landed the 450 and sealed a win.

4. Oz v.s ET

A huge disparity in size marked this match up and ET was very unlu…