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Game report follow-up: T.I.M.E Stories The Marcy Case 1992 w/ C & R spoiler-tastic

We were extremely well-drilled from having played the Asylum the morning before. Cathy and Royce took turns managing the Item Deck. I managed the turn tracker and interpreted rules and general oversaw everything running smoothly.

Run #1

We started at the City Entrance and Cathy decided to save the copper fighting the zombie. I told her to fire her gun once here I think. She received a shotgun afterward! I went for the car boot while Royce tanked the zombies that you must fight. Trapper the Dog joining Royce for this fight only but stayed with Cathy for the rest of the game. I eventually liberated the convict (after checking out the dead policeman) and got the jury-rigged rocket.

Evoking zombie tropes, we elected to go to the police station first. We got a Marcy for our trouble, a cassette (I think), keys and the Gatling gun. I got that by shooting off the lock. Going into the room with the zombies is never palatable, especially when you have plenty of health packs.

The High School was…

Reviews of some shite I've enjoyed/hated over the last few months #6 T.I.M.E Stories The Asylum

Cathy chose to be anxious girl, Royce picked the bitter old lady and I chose the erotic lady. We found everything we needed in the Day Room, notably the painting being a big hint later on. We went to the promenade first and Cathy received a croquet mallet after a game went awry while myself and Royce couldn’t do much with the locked gate and the strange dancing man.
The dormitory came next and Royce released the man in the bed and fought him to death, I looked out the window overlooking the park and Cathy acquired a load of items from the lockers.
In the infirmary we were told to go see Dr. Hyacinth and one of the nurses asked us to meet her in the Dormitory. Royce of course got embroiled in the male orderly attentions, so I saved him from that. We went there first and got her items then went to the good doctor who led us through a tunnel to the Park.
In the Park Royce got in a fight with a man with a gun, Cathy inspected a kiosk and I found the greenhouse. Cathy received the gun for…

For my amusement #2 Judgement Day 2016 Day of Reckoning 1

Cao Cao vs Caflena (c) Women's Championship 4:04

Cao made a hugely spirited effort to take the championship clean but Caflena got herself disqualified by attacking the referee with a Caflenafaction.

Freaks! vs Outsiders (c) Tag Championship 12:12

ET and Blackjaw fought a highly technical battle before Oz was tagged in and dealt a lot of damage to ET. Big Boy Joe was tagged in and managed to fight back the Outsiders' efforts. ET was tagged back in and failed to capitalise on the champions but Joe eventually managed to wear down Blackjaw and forced him to tap out.

Nulk Wulken vs. The Goldsmith (c) (w/ Killalot 2.0) Intercontinental Championship 3:46

Nulk tried to fight the Golden wrestlers but was completely overwhelmed as 2.0 took advantage of the limited rules and stayed in the ring, allowing the Heartbreaksmith to get the pin.

Harpo vs. The Blacksmith (c) Earth Championship 4:15

The first of the two major title bouts, Blacksmith attempted to fight the King of the Ring but was do…