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For my amusement #2 Judgement Day 2016 Day of Reckoning 1

Cao Cao vs Caflena (c) Women's Championship 4:04

Cao made a hugely spirited effort to take the championship clean but Caflena got herself disqualified by attacking the referee with a Caflenafaction.

Freaks! vs Outsiders (c) Tag Championship 12:12

ET and Blackjaw fought a highly technical battle before Oz was tagged in and dealt a lot of damage to ET. Big Boy Joe was tagged in and managed to fight back the Outsiders' efforts. ET was tagged back in and failed to capitalise on the champions but Joe eventually managed to wear down Blackjaw and forced him to tap out.

Nulk Wulken vs. The Goldsmith (c) (w/ Killalot 2.0) Intercontinental Championship 3:46

Nulk tried to fight the Golden wrestlers but was completely overwhelmed as 2.0 took advantage of the limited rules and stayed in the ring, allowing the Heartbreaksmith to get the pin.

Harpo vs. The Blacksmith (c) Earth Championship 4:15

The first of the two major title bouts, Blacksmith attempted to fight the King of the Ring but was dominated early on. An early leg drop weakened the iron man and left him pliable to a number of clown up combinations. The champion was finally pinned and Harpo gained his third world championship.

Optimus Prime vs. Adolf Hitler (c) US Championship 2:55

Though hotly favoured to win, the Fuhrer was outmatched by the very on-form Transformer who dealt out three Autobot Piledrivers and managed to win.

YUGOSLAVIA vs. The Aryan (c) European Championship 1:00

Once again the highly technical champion was tipped to win but the 'gigantic dinosaur who happens to wrestle' defeated the Aryan by drawing him out of the ring and defeated him by countout, winning the European Championship and depriving the Nazi Empire of all the gold.

Savage-Feaster vs. Black Attack! (c) Hardcore Championship 2:40

S-F broke every single item he could off Black Attack! and used a brass knuckle attack to almost defeat the champion but was ultimately counted out in a surprise swerve.

Waste vs. The Blacksmith (c) Necut Championship 15:00

Two early Brainbuster DDTs netted two early wins for Waste, while four Jackhammers by Blacksmith left the score at 2:1 to Waste three minutes in. Seven minutes in Blacksmith managed to equalise and looked good until Waste bounced back utilising a Freakish Elbow and a simple headlock submission, leaving it at 5:3 to Waste. Blacksmith recovered with a sharpshooter on Waste to bring it to 5:4 at ten minutes in.

Multiple German suplexes on the outside led to a DQ and a countout bringing it to 5:6 to Waste. Blacksmith managed to get Waste counted out bringing it to 6:6 with only three minutes left to go. A freakish elbow brought Waste to 7:6 but Blacksmith levelled it again with another sharpshooter.

Blacksmith pulled ahead with around a minute to by executing the Jackhammer and Waste brought it to 8:8 with half a minute to go and almost managed to knock out Blacksmith to win but botched the finish by attempting to pin him, resulting in a draw. There was talk of screwing Blacksmith out of the title afterward, it's all very confused at the moment.


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