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Review #8 T.I.M.E Stories: The Prophecy of Dragons redeux *spoilers*

Bit of a gap since the last time I posted but hell these posts are only for my memory and my loyal spambot fanbase.

Prophecy of Dragons I played with my brother's group in a single night and I have the record in another post. This is my second play through with Cathy and Royce from a few weeks ago.

I played the Elven Ranger, Royce the paladin with the re-roll and Cathy was the lady assassin. We had lay on hands from the paladin which costed no magic and were pretty tasty in combat overall. We started out in the inn as well, made sense to go there. We made the mistake of turning over the door card without the key but we would be coming back, Royce got the golden underwear item and I made contact with our employer; someone checked out the gambling but we left for the market.

In the market we didn't buy any armour and weapons but bought some assorted whatnots from the potion dealer. We also bought tools either here or at the castle plaza, wherever the cat merchant is. Most of the tools we bought we ended up not using at all.

On the docks Cathy followed the girl and managed to defeat the thugs by herself. Royce made contact with the Fighter's Guild and received the mage Rhom and directions to the fight path. They really wanted to go that way but I insisted we check all the mundane areas first before going down any particular path.

We investigated the castle plaza and then the Forest as we had run out of money. We gathered some herbs there and then went back to the castle plaza and sold them. At some point Royce had bought the fairy lantern and we had found two of the fairies in all this moving around; we went back to the inn and uncovered the thief path and the last fairy. We managed to acquire all three glyphs and then uncovered the Trululu path to the castle. This went straight to the portals, which we resolved after using all three glyphs. Then we received bonus time and moved onto part 2, the castle proper.

In the castle we had to backtrack between the various locations about twice each to get everything we needed to advance to the final dungeon. We had loads of time from the first part and the bonus time, all very generous for our party of three. The dungeon was interesting if a little uneventful and we came to the final boss.

I attacked the King himself, Cathy attacked the giant robot and Royce faced the other big monster guy. They easily dispatched their opponents and I asked if I could use our pink token to annihilate the king. They agreed and we had wiped out 3/5 enemies. We investigated the warp or rent or whatever and managed to seal that after a ton of rolls, most of them by Royce with his character's re-roll ability. We had acquired numerous items which allowed us to 'cast magic' otherwise we never would have solved that. We ignored the other two enemies in case we needed to get dice back, ultimately only one or two were locked away for rolling blanks.

We sealed the portal and won the game with an absurd amount of points, thanks in part to the decent number of enemies we felled and the wealth of time points and gold we had left over. It was definitely much easier than Marcy or Asylum and I really look forward to the Egyptian scenario now.


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