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Review enjoy/hate #9 Frostgrave - miniatures in general too

After three games of Frosty Gravy I think I can comment on my experiences and how the system works. First some background from me & miniatures in general and then about my experiences with this new game.


I collected Warhammer Fantasy Battle figures, Warhammer 40k and Lord of the Rings figures in the past. I also received a large number from my two brothers, especially my eldest brother who still collects and models them to an extent. Most of these hand me downs were for a particular board game called battle masters, as well as a number from old board games and whatnot. I collected a few thousand points worth of Space Marines for my sins, mostly between 2001-2006 or thereabouts. I tried to collect a Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy but never got past the prices I had one regiment of basic rats and the Codex. I had quite a number of Lord of the Rings figures thanks to the magazine and I also bought a few Haradrim boxes which were cheap at the time. Usually I just bought w…

FMA Summerslam & Money in the Bank 2016 retrospective

Money in the Bank 2016
Disciple vs. Killalot 2.0 vs. Sketlon vs. Nulk Wulken
Sketlon endured punishment from all three wrestlers and managed to slip up the ladder and seize the briefcase.
Summerslam 2016
Ling vs Caflena (c) Singles match for Women's Championship
Against all odds Ling hit Caffy three times with a mighty slap and pinned for the win and her second title.
Elfgore & Iain vs Black Attack! (c) Hardcore Match for Hardcore Championship
The father and son combination beat down BA! with three sledgehammers and other devices before Elfgore pinned him for the win after a superkick. BA managed to hit both of the with bear hugs and iron claws but it was not enough.
Harpo (c) vs. Hitler for Earth Championship
Despite surprising the champion with a number of dirty tricks, Hitler went down despite a lot going in his favour, including a low blow which turned the tables to Adolf for a time.
Blacksmith vs Coldsmith Ironman match for vacant Necut Championship
The specialty of the former …