17 April 2017

Love/hate 12 T.I.M.E Stories Under the Mask *spoiler-tastic*

I played the Ra priest who could lock an automatic success the whole way through and Ger played the soldier dude; Dave played the scribe and changed on one run while Donal played the healer and changed many times.

We scoped out the boat and acquired the transfer device, allowing us to change characters mid-game. There are two characters here but we opted to press on, leaving the boat behind for this run.

I think we went to the streets first, then the military barracks followed by the temple. We scoped out the dyer's market later. A villa was revealed on the map and led to a number of encounters.

Our second run was equally good for revealing more locations but much like the first run we had nowhere near enough time to complete it. We more or less found everything you possibly could and occupied all but one or two vessels (the priestess, the soldier and the other version of the servant girl).

The third and final run was the quickest, at about an hour or less. We chose a slightly less optimal path but ended up only losing a small bit of time before we had everything we needed to make a run for the end. The puzzle at the end was quite easy and the final encounter was even easier. It did the Prophecy of Dragons thing where what seemed like a tough encounter or two is not what it seemed. I had the mask ad the poison so was able to glide toward the tomb and the mission was accomplished.


The original four characters are pretty great but some of the ones you pick up later are better in some fields, the artisan when improved has the best dexterity and the servant girl has great charisma. The initial guard guy is great strength-wise and can hand-wave many encounters from happening. The priestess of Ra I controlled has a nice auto-success and the ability to buff allies was very nice too. Healer priest had a hefty TU price-tag which would be good if combat were a factor but there were very few fights in our runs.

This was much better than Prophecy of Dragons. It felt somewhat fresh each time and was not as frustrating to run through again. I'm really looking forward to Expedition Endurance now. Being able to transfer between characters was excellent.

Probably ranking them:

Marcy Case
Under the Mask
Prophecy of Dragons

If you reverse that order it's probably how replayable they are. PoD is the most pick your own adventure like and can be grinded through like five different ways while the Marcy Case is pretty much spoiled forever. I've forgotten quite a bit of Asylum so would not remember the optimal path and the same goes for UtM. I hope EE tops them all from what we know thus far.

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