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Star Ocean 2 'Crap Party' attempt

This should be easy to finish but the grinding may be more difficult; refreshing all the same.

Main Party:

Rena Dias Ernest Noel

Supporting (won’t be used when above assembled):
Claude Opera Celine Precis

There is always the chance that it may be too difficult or I may wish to switch gears, in which case I could just bring in Claude, Opera, Chisato or whoever to back Ernest - it’s more about him than anything else. Rena and Noel may be difficult to adjust to. Dias is good in some ways but very linear and slow at times.

Assessment so far halfway through disk 2:

Rena - my main. Heal very occasionally, cast dispel and use items etc. Bunny shoes first user. Fun to attack with. Supervisor role. Battle suit wearer.

Dias - most damage, but still very linear, singular attacker. Tended to Gale Stab my other guys in the back rather than enemy!

Ernest - way better than expected. Nice ranged attacks. Decent Killer Moves. Got his ultimate weapon there. Solid but probably the worst performing of this batch, alw…