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Age of Wonders Cult of Storms Campaign 2,3,4.

I have done most of the possible campaigns in Age of Wonders 1. It's the same campaign start and finish but there are a number of different routes and the ending changes according to which one you pick.

This is actually the second scenario. In the first one you assassinate Queen Elwyn to freak out the Keepers. Here we need to find the passage to the city of Lunaris in 20 turns/days.

You get an ally for this one!

You can't use certain spells underground!

A nice bonus like this can really liven up any scenario.

Will press north to find the Dwarf enemy and hopefully the tunnel exit.

I bought Lightning Strike and Dominate at the start when building my character and I almost always choose to be Lizard as I get swimming, which can't be bought but you can cast it on yourself.

Probably the best spell selection in my Air/Death/Water/Cosmos spellbook.

Pushing north

The wipe out

There are the Dwarves!

I ran instead... if you kill the Dwarf the Orc turns on you... so decided to concen…