28 September 2018

Love/hate #19 Fallout: New Vegas No DLCs played Mr. House ending Low Int Melee Hardcore Run

As in the title I opted to play a Melee specialist with 1 Intelligence and decent everything else. It was Hardcore mode so I tagged Survival as well as obviously Melee and Lockpick. I also settled on a bald angry looking white dude as my appearance!

In this one Intelligence isn't as powerful but Jesus do you feel the skill point shortage later on. Makes things that bit tougher without turning up the difficulty.

I was also doing a bit of an achievement run so included in that was killing Legion so I made sure to shoot Lupa right in the head at the start with a Cowboy Repeater. 9 more named Legion would follow him including Caesar.

^ Forgot to try and sabotage the Ghoul launch this time around. Ah well.

^ there would be a lot of this craic in this playthrough

^ First time ever I just beat the feck outta this guy as interrogation.

^ It was very satisfying

^ Always save a Stealth Boy... especially for this quest to nail the undercover Legion spy!

^ Good gods the NPCs all have their moments

^ I was having a tough time anyway healing up so went for Power Armour for the first time in ages. I got the achievement here or so I thought but it never worked!

^ Murdering Deathclaws to acquire the X-02 Armour

^ Totally worth it. And Boone got a suit too!

^ Chainsaw for the murder NCR achievement. Killed 15 of their named officers but in stealth mode and with a Ballistic Fist, which saved my reputation with them and provoked nobody.

^ Fully upgraded Katana was insanely fun to use. Also got to use a lot of the VATS special melee moves with different weapons.

^ Wearing the sweet Remnants X-02 Power Armour to save the President at House's request.

^ Single combat with Lanius

^ He has a lot of HP!

^ Again, I didn't get the achievement for whatever reason so that put me off doing any more of this. It was a save from last year which I went back and finished off last month.

^ Still my fave Fallout BUT  I am deep into Fallout 4 for the first time ever so will give a proper review of that as my #20 Love/Hate and it won't be just pics with captions!

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