31 December 2018

2018 retrospective

Blog numbers are better than ever!

Job is going really well, training people and getting more responsibilities so far so good. Will stick at it for a while more.

Downgraded the MA to a P Cert but was much happier, I didn't want to do another dissertation and module especially not for the price of two semesters. It was a good course and I enjoyed it immensely but I couldn't go much further with it and that's fine by me. Time to take a break from education for a few years. Would be a great day job.

Moved back home like so many others in Ireland 2018 but we'll see where 2019 takes us.

Traveled quite a bit, got to see Amsterdam in April with Royce and went by myself to Bratislava in June for a week and visited Budapest and Vienna while in the neighbourhood by train. Very cool yet very very hot at that time. Got to see the Hofburg among other things. Going to do something very similar in 2019 involving Belgium-France-Luxembourg.

Theo is a giant and a little heartbreaker we all adore him very much. 1st class in late 2019!

July to December 2018 was cycling time. Hoping to get back to running a tiny bit in 2019. Got some great free exercises I can do at home before dinner - planking is great and new to me. Some expansion into upper body stuff to a greater degree than before.

Won't be at the next Warpcon either but hopefully Itzacon again! Nice to see everybody again.

Over one year single more or less, it's been better but could be worse.

Participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time properly and it was great! Only got 7000 words done or so BUT it was a huge step forward for me creatively. Plans are once again in place to take things forward and start using these characters and setting.

Have ordered print paper from Eason so will resume the Great Work.

Back to playing RPGs on Monday nights! First it was Warhammer Fantasy now it's D&D 5th edition. Will have to get back to GMing someday.

Didn't manage to get the driving theory there recently but will try again real soon, test #3 booked!

Best game of 2018... though a bit of a cop out will give this to Resident Evil 4 remastered on PC, had more fun with that than Fallout 4 or Skyrim. Getting closer to being current (via remasters).

Have been somewhat bearded since June it's been different but fun.

Best book read in 2018: clash between Nixonland by Rick Perlstein and The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk... Nixonland might just have edged it. Still reading Charles Esdaile's Napoleon's Wars but it would have been a very very strong contender.

Best music of 2018... haven't listening to contemporary shit in months but will give it to Sigrid's Strangers, edging out Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton's Say Something. Apparently they're 2017 but feck it, I've only been listening to Classic Hits at work the last few months I know nothing.

Here's to an even better 2019!

23 December 2018

Love/hate #21 Fable Remastered October backlog

I first played this on the Xbox, a long time ago. I played it again on the 360 and Fable 2 as well to completion (need to go and play that again at some point). I also got my hands on the Lost Chapters which nicely rounded out the game.

So far so good, everything looks similar with some nice added effects...

^ Good CHRIST some of these faces were uncanny valley material when I first saw them.

^ Being a good boy. There can only be two routes and it gets really tiring really fast being an evil character. They added a bit more variety to make it a viable and entertaining option but not much.

^ Again some of these faces...

^ So it begins the quest for delicious experience points...

^ Jesus

^ Was never a fan of the Archery in this game.

^ Aw yeee official Heroes

^ Well fuck you Deputy

^ I did almost every quest in the nip...

^ At least I beat Whisper at this quest for once, killed more Hobbes than her...

^ I think a lot of these failed boasts cancelled out my gains but it got easier as I went along

^ This is perfectly normal

^ Hey presto

^ I always take that guy along and never get him

^ Dang

^ Fine on their own, worse when there are two...

^ Boasting with my Trophies

^ Had to grab it early but it's useless without all the clues

^ She's a nice woman really

^ Good gods that's a child

^ My most meaningful interactions in this game are with the fecking Demon Doors

^ I got over the slaughter of our village, did you? Flashbacks much?

^ I swear to gods Maze

^ I do not remember this. Good craic

^ Lots of fishing too and visits to that first road

^ Eating Crunchy Chicks to open this door... so evil

^ This was all new to me. The Pimp Hat became part of my ensemble

^ The Grey Manor... more fishing

^ I kind of liked the new interface but it wasn't always the easiest to use... the hotkeys were handy though

^ Attracting random NPCs

^ I killed them

^ Theresa you could have intervened sooner

^ Well deserved...

^ His name is HITS.

^ Got it... eventually.

^ The most OP spell in my opinion

^ Killing the White Balverine

^ Didn't quite manage to beat the Fight Club...

^ Did it for the Cheevo...

^ I liked how the menu would update with your current look...

^ So specific

^ Lots of scarring...

^ Follow me, drink this, let me rob your store...

^ This will come in handy when I wed the Lady Grey...

^ The adventures of the Minecraft head (not sure what this is) apparently it was indeed a Minecraft reference

^ Couldn't beat this guy I think the last one... ARENA TIME

^ I didn't kill Whisper... this time

^ Oh it's on

^ Mother?

^ I have many houses...

^ I don't think I killed him either...

^ Achievement unlocked

^ I don't remember this... but good for her!

^ OP spell for the win...

^ Managed to rescue the hostages...

^ Donated so much gold to these feckers for that title


^ Apparently you have to lose at least once...

^ More poor doomed prison buddies

^ Time to feck him up

^ Dabbled in a few evil quests because they paid better and my karma was so high anyway

^ Minions hate this spell

^ Good gods silver keys

^ Oh that's the sword in the stone

^ Fear the Guildmaster

^ Lol Maze

^ Aw...

^ I won't kill you sister... in this playthrough anyway

^ Ridiculously hard if you're not ready for it

^ Serious face

^ I'm glad there was more of this dude.

^ A cool helmet to match my plate outfit...

^ Almost forgot I could get Avo's Tear instead of the Sword of Aeons or whatever its called

^ Fin... I'll return some other time and play an evil route and get the last handful of achievements.

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