27 February 2019

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Must start writing two a4 pages a day - to be started March 1. Have roughly 1 page per day done since January 1st, so maybe 59 pages with at worst 180 words so maybe 10000+ words? I can't believe that. That's more than my NaNoWriMo. Obviously over a mch longer period but still. If I wrote two a4 pages a day for the next two months I'll be in an excellent position.

Skyrim will eventually be totally complete, all 75 achievements on Steam and buried forever. It was decent but not the greatest game ever by any measure! I'll post a Love/Hate then! Will probably jump back to New Vegas for a respite and to get the NCR achievements and then on to something else.

Theo is doing really well he's so big and handsome we all adore him.

Promoted to trainer at work, which is apparently being shut down and moved to Mexico so we'll all be shifted over to the east side of the city. Been working 6 days a week mostly the last month or two. I'm enjoying my new role but there are occasional intense moments.

Went to Dublin last week to visit the Royce, a nice getaway indeed.

Going to Itzacon hopefully in a week, always nice.

Trip to Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris in late April, just need to sort trains but everything else is done.

That's it for now?

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