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Cold War 1 vs 1 PBEM (CSH vs south) tired edit

While I have been playing AoW on and off for a long time I decided to return to the world of play by emails for the third or fourth time. I first started in maybe 2006-7, was bold, returned, was bold again in 2009, returned sporadically to the Heaven forum until 2012 when I went inactive and subsequently played a few games on the Facebook group until 2014. I was probably at my best in the latter phases but I think I've still got it. Years of experience!

 ^ Created a neat little firing line against these grey halfling defenders, I'm the blue human players in yellow uniforms. A bunch of Halfling riders tried to go out the gates on the left and centre while the battering ram works the right hand side of the wall. Likewise two pikes have stopped a rider on the right hand side - first strike really does help versus cavalry who have 'charge' which makes their first hit extra powerful.

Classic bonus. Started to rebuild a town underground and as soon as your flag appears you …
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Age of Wonders Cult of Storms Campaign 2,3,4.

I have done most of the possible campaigns in Age of Wonders 1. It's the same campaign start and finish but there are a number of different routes and the ending changes according to which one you pick.

This is actually the second scenario. In the first one you assassinate Queen Elwyn to freak out the Keepers. Here we need to find the passage to the city of Lunaris in 20 turns/days.

You get an ally for this one!

You can't use certain spells underground!

A nice bonus like this can really liven up any scenario.

Will press north to find the Dwarf enemy and hopefully the tunnel exit.

I bought Lightning Strike and Dominate at the start when building my character and I almost always choose to be Lizard as I get swimming, which can't be bought but you can cast it on yourself.

Probably the best spell selection in my Air/Death/Water/Cosmos spellbook.

Pushing north

The wipe out

There are the Dwarves!

I ran instead... if you kill the Dwarf the Orc turns on you... so decided to concen…