28 September 2018

Love/hate #19 Fallout: New Vegas No DLCs played Mr. House ending Low Int Melee Hardcore Run

As in the title I opted to play a Melee specialist with 1 Intelligence and decent everything else. It was Hardcore mode so I tagged Survival as well as obviously Melee and Lockpick. I also settled on a bald angry looking white dude as my appearance!

In this one Intelligence isn't as powerful but Jesus do you feel the skill point shortage later on. Makes things that bit tougher without turning up the difficulty.

I was also doing a bit of an achievement run so included in that was killing Legion so I made sure to shoot Lupa right in the head at the start with a Cowboy Repeater. 9 more named Legion would follow him including Caesar.

^ Forgot to try and sabotage the Ghoul launch this time around. Ah well.

^ there would be a lot of this craic in this playthrough

^ First time ever I just beat the feck outta this guy as interrogation.

^ It was very satisfying

^ Always save a Stealth Boy... especially for this quest to nail the undercover Legion spy!

^ Good gods the NPCs all have their moments

^ I was having a tough time anyway healing up so went for Power Armour for the first time in ages. I got the achievement here or so I thought but it never worked!

^ Murdering Deathclaws to acquire the X-02 Armour

^ Totally worth it. And Boone got a suit too!

^ Chainsaw for the murder NCR achievement. Killed 15 of their named officers but in stealth mode and with a Ballistic Fist, which saved my reputation with them and provoked nobody.

^ Fully upgraded Katana was insanely fun to use. Also got to use a lot of the VATS special melee moves with different weapons.

^ Wearing the sweet Remnants X-02 Power Armour to save the President at House's request.

^ Single combat with Lanius

^ He has a lot of HP!

^ Again, I didn't get the achievement for whatever reason so that put me off doing any more of this. It was a save from last year which I went back and finished off last month.

^ Still my fave Fallout BUT  I am deep into Fallout 4 for the first time ever so will give a proper review of that as my #20 Love/Hate and it won't be just pics with captions!

17 August 2018

Love/hate #18 Resident Evil 4

Might as well do another one of these after playing the remastered PC version to death in July. I originally played it on the GameCube and LOVED it and even started a file on the PS2 version when I got a hold of that at one point. I picked up the Steam version during the Summer Sale 2018 and it was once again a blast.

^ Gods I love that inventory screen. Caught myself some fish early on and kept a nice golden egg too

^ Turning the corner out of the Big Cheese's house and there is Dr. Salvador with his trusty chainsaw and bag over his head

^ More villagers/Ganados that were not triggered but happy to stand there. Don't worry, there are plenty of mobs elsewhere that will spawn mid area and run at you!

^ This is going to awkward to write up. The justified use of force...

^ This is fine. Nothing to see here.

^ Spot of fishing... never did shoot the water with my gun more I should have!

^ Ah El Gigante. Good thing I always free that poor doggy early on.

^ I can't remember how I was killed the first time but it was a dumb way that I kept going with

^ The Merchant is just the best. How does he get around?

^ Chainsaw Sisters - managed to rifle them to death as usual.

^ Flying Ganado.

^ Finally completed some of these. Well worth buying the maps.

^ They have fecking machine guns.

^ Again, way to telegraph this guys...


^ This would be SO much easier if my mission were to kill not save Ashley.

^ Her section was grand just spoopy knights to worry about

^ Air Force One is way nicer, eh Ashley?

^ Thankfully she's off again no more escort missions for a while...

^ Fired my RPG at the two Edward Scissorhands in the back, killing the unarmoured one and injuring the other...

^ Sold the other bit by mistake! Oh well

^ TWO El Gigantes?

^ Every time I play this game he gets stuck.


^ This was way more fun this time.

^ Mecha Salazer

^ Nice...

^ Never played this minigame before. Nice way to get cash. Easy to just keep retrying (x3) to get all the prizes.

^ Oh go on. It's only Normal difficulty.

^ Had to sell stuff to get it though...

^ These guys are fine.

^ Stay there... forever...

^ Americans and their driving!

^ This scene. I really struggled with it the first time on the Cube but grand on the PC! All QTEs on the Steam version were grand.

^ Press X to sit? Of course.

^ It.

^ Krauser Battle Time! Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the knife.

^ I was ridiculously well stocked up for the Krauser battle.

^ "That's a big thing you have there" - Leon Ada


^ Saddler loves rapping with Leon


^ More untriggered Ganados... this is fine as I mentioned before they fecking whaled me in other sections

^ OK NOW the plaga is out, sorry.

^ Almost there...

^ Nuked Saddler.

^ Ada gets me killed on the jetski - how I always die in the end...

^ Two more deaths on the jet ski... short game overall but over multiple play sessions

^ I will never have that much money...

^ Brief playing of Professional Difficulty. Verdict: HARD

^ Never played this before. It was REALLY fun!

^ Difficulty level: Ada. Murderer of Ganados and Chickens. I loved how you could buy her weapons fully upgraded and ready to rock, might help explain why it seemed that bit harder earlier on.

^ Having only played RE2 briefly before I never 'got' Ada - now I do.

^ The entire parallel game was fun.

^ Upgraded weapons made El Gigante embarrassingly easy here.

^ Pretty sure it was a dumb death. Oh well. OH I remember, it was a QTE within an FMV that I totally missed. I was not paying attention and was sacrificed during a cut scene!

^ It was just a nicely done game within a game.

^ Repeat the cage spot.

^ Thankfully it was not a QTE.

^ Also was murdered by none other than a ship cannon, but it was a fun scene.

^ The other three times were Krauser x 2 (didn't know I could use the knife for some reason, IT WAS SO EASY) and Saddler (also knifed him and shotgun)

I will leave Mercenaries, the Ada minigame collecting plagas and professional difficulty for some other time, not sense in squeezing the game entirely of all the fun.

I remember breezing through Normal on the GameCube a few times but it was difficult on this remaster/PC version. I obviously played 99% of this with a newly acquired controller (my first PC game to get such a treatment) but not down to that. Controls were grand, but the AI director that is apparently in this screwed me royal.

Still a top top game.

Love/hate #19 Fallout: New Vegas No DLCs played Mr. House ending Low Int Melee Hardcore Run

As in the title I opted to play a Melee specialist with 1 Intelligence and decent everything else. It was Hardcore mode so I tagged Surviva...