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Age of Wonders Cult of Storms Campaign 2,3,4.

I have done most of the possible campaigns in Age of Wonders 1. It's the same campaign start and finish but there are a number of different routes and the ending changes according to which one you pick.

This is actually the second scenario. In the first one you assassinate Queen Elwyn to freak out the Keepers. Here we need to find the passage to the city of Lunaris in 20 turns/days.

You get an ally for this one!

You can't use certain spells underground!

A nice bonus like this can really liven up any scenario.

Will press north to find the Dwarf enemy and hopefully the tunnel exit.

I bought Lightning Strike and Dominate at the start when building my character and I almost always choose to be Lizard as I get swimming, which can't be bought but you can cast it on yourself.

Probably the best spell selection in my Air/Death/Water/Cosmos spellbook.

Pushing north

The wipe out

There are the Dwarves!

I ran instead... if you kill the Dwarf the Orc turns on you... so decided to concen…
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#AprilTTRPG Maker 1-15

1. Who are you?

26 year old creative-student-worker-father-gamer

2. Where ya at?

West coast of Ireland. Wouldn't have it any other way really.

3. How did you start creating ttrpgs?

Ooh. Funny how I spent my youth creating new card and board games based off old ones or inventing whole new concepts altogether. A very elaborate game of chess involving the red hit dice from Battle Masters of all things comes to mind.

TTRPGS specifically? Myself and two old friends used to play Lego and hey would have their set characters, player characters if you will, while I had one guy but also controlled the world and all other people - DMPCs, NPCs, and dungeon mastering all at once. We transitioned easily over to 3.5 edition D&D after a failed GURPS one-off. A great two year campaign followed.

4. Describe your work.

Very elaborate RPG systems if designing in isolation from the setting.

5. Favorite game you've worked on.

GURPS can be absolutely fabulous if there is a limit to what tables a…

Love/hate #16 LA NOIRE

I first played this back in 2014 or 2015 I think. I watched the review of it like so many other things on Zero Punctuation and for some reason it stuck with me. What sold it was the memes. I had to see what it was all about and was not disappointed.

^ the mandatory image

The actual gameplay is typical Rockstar, slightly clunky walking and driving, the latter suiting the late 1940's. Some damn good looking cars were made back in that era. Unlike GTA or RDR you can't just whip out your sidearm and blow away pedestrians - you are part of the LAPD. Even Nick Kang had a karma system to stop him doing this too liberally, Cole Phelps must get by running over the occasional street walker and get a few points deducted from his mission record.

^ Cole, the hero and the villain (ha)

I kind of liked how they melded the flashbacks showing Cole the by the books officer in the army being a total disaster (well, it's complicated) and being an absolute star in the police (with your help). N…