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Left for Dead 2: Left for Dead Redux

Visited Wired in Galway for the first time ever on Sunday. It was recently done up and all, so it was nice to be there. €2 for a membership account + 1 free hour and €4 for an 1 hour and 4 mins. after that. We saved €2 by going here rather than squareyes, but they price the same from now on. Wired is handy because you can top up your account with hours, thus coming back whenever you want and playing right off. No cards either, so membership is all done by login. Dead-handy. Playing with headsets wasn't too unusual for me, a Live gamer, but not having the option of speakers can't be helped, I guess. Small place - it would ruin it.

Left for Dead 2 has a plethora of new options available, but we jumped right to the basic co-op/shooting your way to the finish line craic. The three of us (myself, majk and Formosus) picked Rochelle, Coach/Ellis and rich white guy respectively - no change in gameplay if only for the different quotes. We played 'the Hotel' first.

First off, LfD2…

Age of Wonders - a beautiful, underrated TBS

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Way back in 2001, we got our XP. It was put upstairs in my brother's room, meaning I only had to go across the hallway to play it. He was also gone off to Cork at the time I believe, so I had it all to myself. My other, eldest brother most graciously installed a game on this XP - the same one I'm typing with now - called Age of Wonders. We played one hotseat game of which I can't remember the result. I think I was the Orcs in Love Thy Nighbour. Oh well. He took the game with him but left it installed and one thing that I could access without the disc was the fabulous editor.

The AoWEd tool became part of my life from then on. I relished the ability to construct maps in the fantasy setting with various terrain: from grassland, desert and steppe to wasteland and snow. There were 12 fantasy races and their units for me to place as I wished, as well as many creatures and other humanoids. After the 'Write a Book' Competition, an old friend and I …