27 February 2011

Guitars and playing music in general

I really do not like guitars. I can't play them. I feel weak whenever I lift one, no matter how light or how heavy and I feel like a waste of space in that I don't have the talent to play them. I wish I could play them and I have made a few attempts to play them to see if I somehow magically have the talent to play them without any kind of formal lessons or at least a few tips. As I like to think I'm a rational human being, I don't believe in magic or god-given talents so I think the only alternative is to get lessons.

If I could play guitar or had the time and money to afford lessons I would probably play electric guitar. My favourite band of all time, Fleetwood Mac, had a guitarist who played electric guitar most of the time. It would be my dream to bring back their music into the mainstream, but that's way beyond my power. I really like their drummer as well and wished to play drums but I found out quite recently that I simply don't have the rhythm to play drums. Yay!

If I ever get accepted to go on Erasmus I'll shuffle the amount of time I spend sitting around at home to learning new things. One of those will be music. I plan on going to ballroom dancing lessons if I get accepted in Leiden, so this isn't too much to ask!

23 February 2011

Back for a while

I will be using this thing to blog while on Erasmus. It will be great; lots of pictures and stories so help me gods.

Upcoming elections in Ireland: while I am enthused that I can finally vote, my old party of choice has drove the country into the ground. With that, I turn to my new favourite, Labour. They do not have the most inspiring leadership but I believe they will get stuff done. I am wholly on board with their high tax/high benefits scheme which is typical of social leftist governments. The Leader's Debate tonight was not very interesting. I'm quite impressed with Michael Martin but he had no policy to throw around. The other two were broadly agreeing on Health and must have gone away and had some more talks as there was much better rapport there. Coalition seems likely; I don't think FG will get a majority. No substance and they don't back civil marriage! I'll give my other votes to the Greens and the ULA.

I decided in late October to firmly root myself in my education, rather than holding up the other spheres of existence such as social and physical. While I still obviously have them my focus on the mental sphere has allowed me to do well in my exams and to approach Second Year and my subjects much more seriously. I also think I have developed somewhat as a person - even if only intellectually. I am still progressing slowly yet consistently in physical (running) while having mixed success as ever socially. I do not mind however. In the past I would have juggled all three or tried in vain to concentrate on only one aspect of my life - now I am focussing on one and letting it influence and lead the others. I run to clear my head and I socialise to take breaks from lectures and work.

There is certainly a strangely turgid atmosphere nowadays. There is little going on in The Group which is both good and bad. Good as bad things aren't happening while bad that nothing is happening at all. I would class myself as an observer as I'll never try and shake up group politics again. 'Couples Season' is no longer relevant to me and the relative peace means no stuff to observe! Deep down I don't want to observe but I'm not a shaker or a mover or a shaper in these things.

The only two things on my mind right now are getting the Erasmus results and getting my academic career back on track - I let some assignments catch up on me!

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