19 July 2011

41 days left!

Almost a month from Finland. I have to book the flights and then I'm done. The plan is to fly through Copenhagen and then onto Helsinki, to arrive by bus in Turku, all for about 150 euro and taking about 8 hours. Not too bad! A direct flight from Dublin to Helsinki costs about 180, so I saved about 50 and a few hours.

I wonder what will become of me in Turku? I will have very few hours of lectures there, so I need to find a way to pass the time. I will try and work in an Irish bar, as there are a few there and I could do with money. The plan is to have all my work and study done in good time, and then I can afford to see what the country has to offer.

I don't really want to leave Ireland and all my friends and family, but it must be done. I'll only be taking my laptop, a few games, a book or three and clothes for four months of Finland. When I come back in Christmas, that's when I'll start worrying about Ireland! I'll get more clothes then and hopefully see a few people.

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