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Erasmus Day 1


I got the 6:15 bus from Galway and spent the whole journey watching the fields go by and the sun rose in front of the bus the whole time. It was hard to find Termina 1 somehow and I had great fun trying to find Departures but everything worked out. Little did I know this would be the last time I heard English being spoken all around me!

Copenhagen was a pain. It was huge and awesome, but my flight was cancelled moments before it was meant to go off. I had to switch to a flight that was 4 hours later, but went to Turku instead of Helsinki at no extra cost. It all worked out just airports get boring! Everything was so expensive when converted from Danish Kroner. I didn't buy anythin there bar some chewing gum and I got my lunch for free because they gave me a coupon. They owed me after cancelling my flight!

Turku was weird. We flew there in a rickety craft that shook a little too much in turbulence. For both journeys by plane I managed to avoid getting terrible pains in my ea…