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E Day + 91

Has been here for almost 3 months! It's been generally great here and I've enjoyed the last 2 months and 30 days immensely. It hasn't always been easy but I feel like I've grown up quite a bit!
I can now cook, clean and generally just take care of myself and my house. This is great as it will allow me to live independently in future while helping to reduce the amount of stress on my Mom next year while I study for my Final Year! I've decided to try and learn as many new skills as possible in the next month, even if it only amounts to one or two.
I am going to be a Dad in March next year! We are expecting our first child, a boy, around the 19th. My beautiful, incredible and very strong girlfriend Cathy is bearing up well. We'll see how we are in December, that I don't drive her cracked! I am very excited to meet my son but we still don't know what to call him. We were set on what to call a girl, but not a guy! We'll figure something out over the holida…

E Day + 68

Haven't posted here in ages, been having too much fun! Finland has definitely turned around for me, even if it is really dark here. The sun is down by 5 in the day now, which is insane. The earliest in Ireland was coming up to 6, and apparently in Finland it will be dark by 4 in December. The difference between November and December is that the latter has snow and Christmas lights, making it very manageable!
My lectures finally started, so I finally have a schedule. My first course was EU Political Institutions; six lectures that were an hour and a half long each. It started out OK and remained fairly consistent: informative yet dry. The history of the EU would have been much more interesting than the machinations, and that's saying a lot. It's a book, lecture and exam course with about thirty people attending it. It was about half and half - the exchange-to-natives ratio. One of the exams was yesterday but I didn't bother going as there will be another one in December …