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E Day + 105

Triple digits! I've been here for 105 days. It certainly has felt like that. I've had my ups and my downs but overall I've enjoyed my stay here immensely. While I went to parties and went to college and did work and all that, it has been very hard at times as I spent a lot of the time with my feet in Finland and my eyes looking back west towards Ireland. I am so glad I get to go back on Saturday. I will miss Finland though and will be glad to come back for semester two. It is my second home! A brief reflection on my time in Finland and what I hope to do next semester when I return:
We went to Klubbi in town and that was amazing fun, met loads of people and even slipped in some dancing at some point. I really want to go there again!
The first Flat 91 party happened in September and once again I met loads of people and drank a fair bit too. It was great fun and a nice way for people to meet other people!
I spent most of September doing nothing as I had no college but …