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Shower thought

Thought of this while in the shower, as you do. It seems like I'm always thinking up these kinds of tables (in my mind, it looks like a table) This was mainly concocted around something a friend said yesterday about even the most seemingly interesting person having a really boring life like everyone else. So while we're taking care of a baby and eating and sleeping and just getting on with life, someone we know is in Amsterdam or New York (that's exciting!) but in reality they have all the same ups and downs as anyone else.

Unplanned, bad – killed, in prison, life kicks you in head multiple times

Planned, bad – boring lecturer with boring normal life in Kazakhstan/USA/Brazil

Unplanned, good – millionaire director after being picked up by accident

Planned, good – living dream of being a juggler/astronaut/lawyer/lecturer etc

I think I have it unplanned and good, didn't expect to have such an amazing partner and an awesome child with her. We have a lot of substance in li…