26 March 2013

Necut Developer Blog

Necut is a world with 9 continents of varying definition. There are many races generally grouped into 4 categories: Elder, Alien, First and Second Lacrene. It is unknown how old the world is but there is over 3000 years of recorded history for every continent with the Age of Heroes preceding that. Every continent has been extensively mapped and unique, advanced societies have developed everywhere possible. Magic and religion are integral to the very existence of the planet and its many races who believe in the Six Gods creation myth, with the exception of the invading Alien races. A world of many cultures and beliefs, creatures and ethnicity, history and politics, states and societies, Necut is my longest project and greatest after my son!

I hope to add a few notes here on Necut; most of it is in my head and needs to be typed out or written out. I created over 10 years ago and have been adding to since then. There are literally boxes of refill pads and copies as well as pages and notes on this world. Much of the initial ideas and direction were shaped in primary school, while the greatest overhaul in terms of how the world actually worked was made in secondary school. I studied History, Sociology and Political Science in my undergraduate years (with Archaeology and Geography in First Year) and plan to do an MA in Environment, Society and Development so it has all fed nicely in to what I hope to make my magnum opus in some format or another in the future.

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