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Zont Campaign Log #1

The first session of the campaign was half character creation and half introductory session.

Royce created his Ranger, who is armed with a bow, knives and his +2 long sword, Bascourd. His name is Rapier and he is a former member of the Brotherhood of Sword Walkers; he has been in Kalousa City for some time working odds and ends. The 400-year old Brotherhood threw him out on a misunderstanding and is far from their base but still within their jurisdiction.

Valerie created a Druid who is also from Myrna and is a servant of the Moon Goddess; she has an owl companion. Her village was decimated by nearby Earth believers and the few dozen survivors have settled across the East of Lacour. She crossed to Kalousa City very recently and befriended Cathy's character among others in the city very quickly; there are many people in the capital who need healing after the recently concluded war. Her powers and her bow have kept her safe so far, though she prefers to heal mainly.

Cathy chose to be…