27 December 2013

Christmas Spirits, Open World Gameplay and Essays

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I seem to have lost my own Christmas spirit, maybe it was there when I thought Santa was real and tried to catch him in the act when I was younger. It seems to be coming back but in a different way - I get to see old friends again and my whole family is around, which is always nice. However as Theo is getting older and is increasingly aware of what is going on this time of year it is a joy to see him get excited about Santa, Christmas trees and unwrapping presents. Best part of being a young-ish dad? I get to experience childhood all over again.

I have started to play Skyrim, while I am continuing my current San Andreas playthrough. The latter is going well as I am well into San Fierro and just have Woozie to take care of at the moment. After him more Syndicate mission should open up and it'll be time to move on.

Skyri is tough to get into. I love Fallout, I've played every version almost (even 1 and 2) but I have found Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim elude my favour. They all take place in a medieval fantasy world with tons to do and see, so maybe it's just the FPS controls. They work really well in Fallout, where I revel in gunplay and found melee/unarmed to be tedious and risky. Perhaps I need to be more boring and more of a min-maxer, like playing a Wood Elf with a bow and sneak. My Nord with shield and dagger is what I like but doesn't work so well when it comes to random encounters with wolves, raiders and mammoths.

I still have the three essays to do. I am home by myself so will start on finishing my first essay tomorrow, should be able to conquer it. I will then try and get some reading done for the Crusade. I will be realistic and just try and get those done; Japanese what-if essay can wait until early January at the latest.

21 December 2013


If I don't eat breakfast straight away in the morning I end up getting very sleepy and don't feel up for anything. A cup of coffee on the side (or Caffy, as I call it when Cathy is around) helps a bit too. When its just me and Theo then I have to be active but if Cathy is there to help then I start to deactivate, which is generally bad. I need to have energy to help in my share of parenting, so I am posting this here to remind myself to break my fast in the mornings... it also helps to get it off my chest like this.

Just Unfollow

Interesting to use this to easily remove people who don't follow you back and/or have stopped following you. I know I just spam YouTube links but I was genuinely hurt by some of my findings. I mean, Colm Keaveney, our glorious East Galway TD for FF had 6000 followers and just under 6000 following... one of them being me ;_;

Of course, the majority of those who don't follow me are companies, celebrities and funny bots that I don't expect to follow me back.

I would recommend this application but it limits you to a certain amount of easy unfollows per day unless you pay them to upgrade. Not likely!

All your info is processed and listed out to you, like who isn't following you, who you are following, inactive followers, a whitelist, a blacklist and much more!

I'm very tired now and the quality of this post reflects that. Good night!

20 December 2013

Tired but productive

Good evening,

All is well with me. I am happy to say that I have procured a number of books from the library which I shall use to write two essays due for January. The library is closed for a while over Christmas and owing to my laziness in November I am forced to work on assignments now. I need to type another essay which is basically done; three things to do! I am working tomorrow and Sunday, then taking all the week days off, then back to these:

Irish historiography essay - almost done. It was excruciating to research at times and difficult to get myself to even start it but I am now in a position where I can get it done in one or two sittings (preferably this weekend), having notes from 11 books.

My Crusade essay on Bohemond of Antioch, the most interesting character of the First Crusade, has yet to be started in any way but I acquired the Gesta Tancredi and the Alexiad which among a heap of secondary readings will allow me to finish that handily enough. I shall crack into it next weekend after Christmas.

My final essay is going to be about counter factual Japanese history and the decisions facing the state and its politicians - was Pearl Harbor necessary? What if they had invaded the USSR instead? I will have fun with this one.

I find myself fairly energetic in the day but wrecked in the evening, so must be doing something right for the moment. Myself and my girlfriend both have stuff to do every day so we don't mind being lazy in the evenings - we are recharging for the next bash at assignments!

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