31 August 2014

The hell do I do now?

Do I create  a board game to be funded on Kickstarter? Do I write that series of fantasy books I dreamed of writing? Do I get a job? How? Do I go back to college?

I would love to create a game, for the craic, but I need a bit more time to think on that.

The books will happen, though there is only one way to go about it.

Jobs are a pain to find here bit I will start the search (again) tomorrow.

I should have finished college in three years between 2009 and 2012 and got out then, except here I am in late 2014 with little to show for those two extra years. I hope to exchange my degree and master a la Weber for a career of some sort. Hopefully.

One thing is for sure, I hope to get back into better shape physically from September 1st, a Monday of all things! It's rainy and crap here but I haven't jogged properly since September 2010 when I injured myself. Better physical shape might mean better self esteem, with better self esteem comes improved mental health and maybe I can regain some confidence when meeting people again.

19 August 2014

Dissertation due in 2 and a half days

That's actually a long time, better go to sleep though to be ready to type and edit more tomorrow... should have the damn thing ready to print by Wednesday or Thursday!

05 August 2014

August 2014

Almost finished dissertation, just need to add a bit more to two chapters, edit all four of them and do the extraneous bits like the intro and conclusion. Some more research wouldn't go amiss either.

More Warhammer on Sunday the 10th to look forward to, hurray!

Hand in dissertation by the 21st, should be grand!

Niall's wedding on the 23rd, gonna be good!

Royce down on the 25th/26th, lots to look forward to!

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