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YouTube 'Shuffleall' playlist, a history of my musical tastes 2006-2015

I'm not much of a historian but I do like two types of history: macro-history, the really big stuff and the story of me... fine I'll type it... me-story. The Me-Story of Eoghan Fallon, I'll write that after the Zodiac Trilogy and the Necut Chronicles. Maybe after I write a thesis on Babylonian bureaucracy or Neo-Heartland Theory and drown in all the political science.

Anyway, YouTube. And years. Time? 2015 is a good number. 2014 is OK, 2013 not so much. 2012 had a nice symmetry to it while 2011 was an unexpected delight. 2010 was pretty damn good all the way through and 2009 was definitely the start of something. My college years and now encapsulated in rambling text about a few numbers.

YouTube! I've been on it since 2006. I watched a few things before they were famous. Little Kuriboh, I followed his stuff up until the Noah arc. He quoted one of my comments in one of his extra videos - simpler times! I used YouTube to listen to music. I remember listening to Fire by A…