20 September 2015

Reviews of some shite I've enjoyed/hated over the last few months #1 - Fleetwood Mac 10th July

Fleetwood Mac

The O2 Arena was absolutely roasting so that was really nice - not. It was a lovely day in Dublin and an even better night but it was absolutely packed compared to when I went in 2013. I had to pay for tap water which was just great, while the tiny beers were over-priced.

The Chain

What a fantastic way to open the show; I'm glad I didn't check the setlist beforehand as I was absolutely blown away.

You Make Loving Fun

Probably my favourite song by Christine McVie & sorely missing in 2013. The jaunty keyboard and the brilliant and still strong Lindsey/Christine duets made this rock.


Stevie Nicks is my least favourite member of the Mac but she wrote some damn good songs. Her voice was a little stronger this time around and her classic break-up piece was probably her best moment.

Second Hand News

I'm 23 and only became a Mac fan at 19 but damn I was super excited when this came on. Lindsey is now the tank of the group and he did not disappoint. I mention the age thing there as I was surrounded by people in the 30-50 mark and they didn't recognise this while I was singing along proudly.


One of Stevie's old power performances; I don't usually mind when artists mix up their own lyrics for creativity sake but it was a little jarring when the creator of the song seemed to forget her own song.


Christine again and it was fantastic - can you tell she's my favourite member of the group and I'm delighted that she's back?

I Know I'm Not Wrong

I'd never heard of this one before but it was a nice catchy breather.


I used to avoid this song but Lindsey has become such a massive presence now that I could not ignore it and this was no exception - bombastic, in your face and full of energy. The crowd loved it.

Sisters of the Moon

Not my favourite Stevie song but she put a lot more into this one than other more mainstream hits so maybe she is more on my level than I give her credit for.

Say You Love Me

Another excellent Christine track in a series of excellent Chris hits. She did not get nearly enough time.

Acoustic Set - Lindsay and Stevie

Can't remember this? I just copy pasted the set list so I don't know, it's September now.

Big Love  (Lindsay Solo)

Always goes down well with the crowd though I had felt it in previous songs that the music wasn;t carrying well enough to the upper rafters or the sound equipment was a little off as a lot of the subtle little changes in this song were lost. It was more epic in 2013 when Chris wasn't there and Lindsey was carrying the whole team.


Very sweet as always and perhaps a little less known (though still big) so Stevie really threw herself more into this one.

Never Going Back Again

Another less well known oldie of Lindsey's that the old folks didn't seem to know and I was all over! I loved it, really fun and he played us along with it, slowing down and speeding up and carrying everyone to the end

Over My Head

A lesser known Chris song that I adore all the more for. Heh.


Probably my favourite Stevie song that I felt she didn't try as much in but damn the visuals in the back and the support work by the band helped make one of her better songs of the night.

Little Lies

Probably the band and Christine's biggest hit in the 1980's; probably hasn;t aged as well live as other songs, again I felt something about the sound was being lost either due to technical fault or just the fact I was sitting so far back I could barely make out their faces.

Gold Dust Woman

A kind of mid to upper level popularity hit that Stevie spiced up with some lyric changes mid song but apparently she does that more often than I think.

I'm So Afraid

Again this was something that was a highlight in 2013 but not so much needed or obvious now in 2015, still great to see the mad man with the guitar work the crowd.

Go Your Own Way

Gah yet another one that was MASSIVE in 2013, like so much better than anything and then here it just got lost in with the rest somehow, perhaps the heat of teh crowd and the time of the evening just allowed this one to pass by. Again, sound issues may have reduced it a bit; next time I may try standing.

Encore:World Turning (Including drum solo)

They went away and they came back as planned, yay... Anyway it was really energetic this time and all three singers got involved while Mick's drum solo didn't last as long this time so everyone was happy.

Don't Stop

Probably the one damn song I care less for because everyone else is all over it - the crowd goes wild and old hipster me goes I'm sitting down... oh wait EVERYONE else is standing up here, feck it, I'm not that bitter yet at all at all. It was good, moving on.

Silver Springs

Stevie was always bitter about this being canned on Rumours to make space for everything else and it being a B side to Go Your Ow Way was another thing but it was very slow and sweet and probably one of her finest moments leaving us all thinking she's still got it. If they actually write something after all this I'll let her off.

Encore 2: Songbird (Christine with Lindsay on Guitar)

One of my favourite songs non-live but live it was grand; her on the wheel out piano him on a nice acoustic guitar. It was fine, solid stuff.

Mick Fleetwood came out and stated that the Mac was most definitely back after crediting everyone; I made sure to give John McVie all the noise I could muster, what a solid guy. I ran off and got a bus back to Galway as I was literally only there for the evening but after bussing back and forth between Belfast and Galway via Dublin Airport like five times in a row in 2014 travelling don't bother me much.

So 4/5 or 8/10 whatever floats your boat. Coming from a huge fan of the Mac the 2013 show was great but flawed while the 2015 show had Christine McVie but seemed to be somehow less than the sum of its parts. I feel a third and final show in a few years will settle me but ultimately I can't wait to see them live again so I can determine whether they've still got it or is it just all about the money now.

01 September 2015

September update???

Hoping to move up to 4km on running track this week. The slow way back up to 12km in a hour, but my body remembers the halcyon days of 2007-2010!

Job front - maybe something coming very soon, otherwise may need to do another stint with Game of Thrones for a few weeks in Belfast. I don't mind either way, but something more permanent would be nice as ever.

Caffy is doing well - we hope to get the TEFL done and to have various grades of driving licenses by early 2016. Will probably be leaving the country around the time we celebrate that silly bloodbath in Dublin.

Theo is great, just back to creche this week for Montessori - he's flying in every morning, he can't wait to go. He has had a long enough holiday, he loves playing and learning with his friends!

Interests - slowing down on my return to fiction novels, must switch away from Erikson to something different. Slightly back into 40k but won't buy any models, but some glue and some green and grey paint would be lovely plus black spray can.

GAA about to wrap up again. Let's hope Mayo put the Dubs to rest and Galway end the famine and maybe even win a few more this decade.

Call of Cthulhu and some Space Crusade most Sundays so we're getting some gaming in. Royce was down last week with lovely Liam so we got some vidya and board games to play. Got to speak to an old friend to via messaging so that was nice, always nice to re-connect!

I haven't been writing much at all the last few months but the gears are always turning. Rather than write the semi-autobiographical fantasy epic, why not write the original trilogy idea full of colours and magic?

Otherwise depression levels low, probably owing to job prospects being OK for the short term and anxiety levels falling down with it, anxiety from living in a white room in a foreign country where everything was expensive and far away. Still want to go back there though, if only to see it one more time before leaving for Asian metropolis du jour.

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