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Reviews of some shite I've enjoyed/hated over the last few months #2 - Spectre 7th November (semi-structured faux rant)

I went to see this because I'm a Bond nut and I've seen every film and damn it I wanted to see this on the big screen. My friend who has seen all the Daniel Craig movies with me went along too. He really loves movies, he's certainly seen way more than I have.

The long take at the start? I loved it. Mexico City, Day of the Dead, great costumes. That whole scene with the botched assassination of an assassin or whatever Bond was trying to do followed by the freakin' helicopter killed it for me. It wasn't a joke nor was it too serious but it was just ridiculous and spoiled it for me ten minutes in.

So the theme music comes on and it's fine while the actual video while crisply edited and beautifully imagined and all that had girls with tentacles draped all over them and I was just thinking that might be a good metaphor in political cartoons like if they showed the Spectre octopus spreading across a globe it would be cool but all over a naked Bond and some woman in t…