04 April 2016

For My Amusement #1 : CAW Survivor Series 2015 results (delayed)

I was playing a bit of WWE: Day of Reckoning 1 over the last few weeks and I decided to amuse myself by making a few PPV cards and playing through them. Some of the 'feuds' emerged somewhat naturally from my own imagination but also from what happened in a few playtest matches here and there and I decided to build on them into a storyline.

Survivor Series 2015

The Pincer Memorial Survivor Series has most of the golden 16 participating as usual.

1. The Blacksmith vs. Harpo

Despite the best efforts of the World Champion B'Smith, Harpo dominated the opening match and went on to snatch the victory after the Clown Up Combination.

2. BBJ vs Caflena

Once again the favourite going into the match was crushed, with BBJ forcing Caflena to tap out.

3. Disciple vs. Adolf Hitler

The Raw General Manager A-H was not the favourite going into this match up and a spirited Disciple landed the 450 and sealed a win.

4. Oz v.s ET

A huge disparity in size marked this match up and ET was very unlucky in being unable to outreach the great lumbering Oz. A number of Jackknife power bombs sent ET to the ER.

5. Savage-Feaster vs. The Goldsmith

The debut of the Savage did not help him and Goldsmith proved to be too cool, landing numerous Golden Chokeslams.

6. Cao-va vs. Killalot 2.0

This could have gone either way but 2.0 defeated Cao on all fronts to seal a win with the Torture Rack.

7. Aryan vs. Nulk Wulken

The reigning European Champion Aryan attempted to go far in this competition but was unlucky to draw the strongest man in the world and lost to Nulk.

8. Black Attack! vs. Blackjaw

Arguably the best match in the qualifiers, it went back and forth for over 10 minutes with Blackjaw almost beaten by the Black Claw and the Bear Hug but he managed to rally and drop the Steel Edge and win.

9. Harpo vs. BBJ

Once again the legendary clown dominated the bout though BBJ gave a good bit of resistance before succumbing to the leg drop.

10. Disciple vs. Oz

Speed once again went down to raw power as Oz defeated Disciple.

11. Goldsmith vs. Killalot

There were suspicions that HBS would walk over his junior partner in the former Smith Alliance but 2.0 lifted him for the Torture Rack and won.

12. Nulk vs. Black Attack!

Power met power and incredibly the oil man continued to impress after defeating the strongest man.

13. Harpo vs. Oz

Though he looked strong going into the bout Oz quickly gave into the power of the Clown Up Combination.

14. Killalot vs. Black Attack!

An energetic display by the steel man was simply not enough with 2.0 falling to the oil man after a long match.

15. Harpo vs. Black Attack!

Bloodied and exhausted, the two finalists faced each other and hopes for an epic final match were dashed when Harpo continued to steam roll while the oil man would have to fight for every advantage and would ultimately lose to the clown.

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