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FMA King of the Ring 2016 CAWs Day of Reckoning 1 (GameCube)

Upon regaining full control of the company, Elfgore, Iain and Ellen were joined by the nWo consisting of Harpo, Blackjaw and Oz. He announced a 32 man and woman King of the Ring to unify the two world title belts back into the Undisputed Championship. The Elfgore Family would fight in No DQ matches while in the tournament to give them a level field (and to keep Ellen in the matches) while Blackjaw would get a rematch if he loses his title during the tournament - both titles are forfeited when lost, but can be retained all the way to the finals.
Bold = winner, Italics = player one
Round of 32
Raw 5/09/2016
Cheetah vs. Killalot 12:30/15
Cheetah dominated the Golden Man and moves on to the next round.
Ellenvs Edit Man 11:10/15
Ellen uses the stipulation to her advantage and beats up the referee for a bit. Edit Man puts her through training school but ultimately the trillion dollar princess rolls up Default for the win, surprising many.
White Attackvs. Wolf 10:10/15
Wolf almost had him at various …

100th post and Review enjoy/hate #10 - Final Fantasy VIII (Steam version)

Woohoo, 100 posts on blog #2, the main one. The first blog still exists but I abandoned it after leaving secondary school/going to university. I never really 'got' tumblr or Instagram but I may expand in that direction at some point in the near future.

Steam is great - I really enjoyed buying DVDs of stuff I liked when it was cool to do so 2004-2010 or so. I like to think I have good taste in movies/video games etc so thankfully I didn't buy that many DVDs before they no longer were cool/practical. Steam allows me to be a bit of a connoisseur once again, I buy games I know I will play and enjoy or have been sufficiently researched by me. Some of the games/movies I own digitally or solid copies are shite, but I like them anyway. Not so many games, but in movies Beowulf (2007) comes to mind. Ho ho, deserves a re-watch. Some DVDs I bought thinking they'd be great (and without watching them prior to that) and was severely disappointed - The Patriot (2000) comes to mind. SO…