31 January 2017

Brief January post

Warpcon was fine, the one RPG I played was what it was and the game design panel on Saturday was great. I really need to write a game, I think my only block isn't so much the idea or the the writing itself but the need to entertain 3-6 strangers for 3 hours. It would have to be a sufficiently engaging RPG system, sheets and some handouts hopefully with a few good NPCs and a plot that doesn't stink and action that is brief and exciting. Also not too much dice rolling to bypass roleplay and situations. I love investigation and puzzles in games so Call of Cthulhu might be on the menu, or just good old fashioned GURPS.

Cork was even better, I was lucky to have great accommodation and company in the form of the Royce. Much drinking, eating, catching up and watching good TV was had. Torchwood is pretty good (watched 4/5 of the Children series). Hacksaw Ridge was pretty entertaining as a war flick and a good return for Mel.

Trump is an idiot and his cabinet are monstrous. Here's hoping these red 4 years are followed by at least 8-16 blue years. They ruin themselves so utterly they'll never be voted in again. I 'enjoyed' the administrations of Kennedy-LBJ-Nixon-Ford-Carter-Reagan-Bush because I love that time period but in the end they're not my presidents. Obama is the closest thing to an OK presidency in my book. If in future the USA was led by the Democratic liberal/progressive/socialist wing that would be great but probably more likely their central/conservative wing.

I'm not even sure what to say about Brexit yet, I keep thinking it might be that one change that can get things moving again, like the European Union takes a pill to deal with stagnation. Is there a limit to outrage?

Otherwise just trying to finish up various courses and get into the factory work in Galway, which should hopefully push/pull me where I need to go next.

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