07 July 2017

Age of Wonders Editor Necut PART 1

I have made the same-ish world map in Age of Wonders editor over the last decade and a half. Necut was created in 2001-2002 for a write-a-book project and has evolved a lot since then. These changes can be seen in the editor.

The Evolution of El

As the base of the Elven civilization and my own personal stake in this fantasy world, it actually hasn't changed that much:

2005. Lots of roads and samey forests.

2006. Noticeably unfinished compared to previous one.

2008. 'Necut1' way more complete and the shape if pretty much set.

2017. Note the Skagrak on the east cast and the smaller size to accommodate the rest of the world getting bigger. Still working on this right now.

The Evolution of the World Map

This reveals the biggest changes in the design of my world:

2005. Interesting how North Omera is entirely wasteland, while Frostica is completely covered in snow. Lacour, the small green ball in the centre probably changed the most over time.

2006. Little details start to creep in but not much has changed. Branch started to change in the east to be straight while the Omeras are no longer completely wasteland.

2007. A feckin revolution, Lacour and Terra Nova/Branch changed the most. Lacour is now very large and has a realistic Sahara-like desert in the west and centre. Branch and Terra Nova are now fused together with a gigantic Himalaya-esque range where they meet.

2008-2010. As was developed in Leaving Cert and beyond, the place starts to look a little more realistic and the map is actually playable from different angles.

2011. Laccai emerges on the west coast of Lacour. No Scoutja on the north pole to allow for more strategic warfare, note all the rivers. I learned some lessons from playing Deroman's excellent Napoleonic Wars. Also south coast of Kalousa no longer desert. The Skag'rak emerges as the final Elven island.

2012. Scoutja is back on the north pole. The player roles are starting to settle. Lacour as Humans (Blue) and Omera as Azracs (Orange) as they are traditionally allied in the setting.


2017. The emphasis now in the AoW version is less on the actual accuracy of the map to what is set in stone but what will be fun to play in AoW. Sweeping warfare, grinding sieges, naval transport and raids; a big bad AI player in the caverns.

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