31 December 2017

Never Have I Ever: D&D DM

For everything you have done, add one level. I encountered this on Facebook a few minutes ago and though I should make a quick record.

1 - Killed a PC  = yes, one guy missed the very last session of a mini-campaign so I had his guy die an epic death versus the Big Bad.
2 - Nerfed an item = yes
3 - Used kobolds = yes, almost thought I hadn't yet recalled the Orc-Goblin army the PCs aligned with in one campaign having a few.
4 - Been a player = yes probably as many times as I have DM'd
5 - Fudged a roll = of course many times, DM fiat and all that
6 - Used a mimic = yes, couldn't resist. Mine were red and monstrous, like the ones from Golden Sun
7 - Questioned sanity while a DM = haha yeah
8 - Said 'you can certainly try...' = when has this not happened?
9 - Used counterspell = NO, was never much for magic
10 - Played more than one edition = yes, one game of 4th ed at a con, many, many games of 3.5 and 3 and some of 3.75/Pathfinder
11 - DM'd for children = almost on a few occasions, but not yet. Someday probably!
12 - Ran a one shot = oh so many times in and out of FanSci
13 - Ran a campaign for 1 year or more = yes, about 2 years or so with the 2 guys
14 - DM'd for a party of 8+ = yes, once in FanSci and once at my house
15 - DM'd for a party of two or less = my first and only long campaign plus two other ones later on
16 - Had big bad killed in 1st round = no, at least I don't think so
17 - Said 'do you touch it' = make sure they have gloves on or off first  but yes
18 - Used a dragon = yes unfortunately: bunch of Elven commandos encountered one; some may have been in the big campaign but there was definitely the infamous green dragon in one particular one-off
19 Homebrewed - I've tested my own rules before on at least one occasion while the majority of my campaigns, mini-campaigns and one-offs have been set in own custom world too
20 - Had a TPK - I don't think so not in one of my games but certainly have played in games with them

Result = Level 17/20 not so bad!

16 December 2017

Fave Pokémon Teams

Just a filler list post - it's Listmas!

Generation 1


Generation 2


Generation 3


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