11 February 2018

Civ 4 18 civs Pangaea test Marathon Monarch episode 5

Swinging West at last and some consolidation

^ Louis is next, the founder of Hinduism...

^ The base of my colonial ambitions...

^ So it begins, reconquering  Ankhor Thom.

^ The stack. Again, nowhere else in the world has researched Rifling.

^ L'Advance into the Khmer/Louis XIV.

^ Louis falls. I give him back a few cities.

^ Finally some recognition.

^ My attempts to conquer the Barbarian Isles.

^ They held out well, the Barbs. Also passed the 'Habormaster' quest.

^ Introducing the Babylonians under Joao. Finally have those Barbarian islands under my control.

^ Also a surprise entry into the Industrial Age via a tech trace. Scientific Method shows me where the Oil is.

^ Will swing for the Great Spy perk of researching Communism first.

^ Plenty of Oil and other 'General' resources within our borders.

^ Fear the Sumerian Stack. Getting into position versus the Dutch-Persian in light blue.

^ Probably my greatest rival.

^ Espionage. Note the renewed '3' main enemies and '2' their vassals, '1' being my vassals.

^ Took what seemed like forever but declared on Willem and Elizabeth.

^ Rifles and Cavalry would fight Knights et al in an uneven military struggle.

^ Unfortunately for me, the evil guys would make peace with Willem and Elizabeth.., also Mao was now subject!!!

^ My distance from victory. Looking like classic Domination eg 51% control.

^ Score breakdown.

^ Power.

^ The battleground? Former Alexander-Arab territory. Jewish homeland. Note my Rifles on the right.

^ His terms early war. C'mon man!

^ Pushing West.His stuff his archaic.

^ Tempting though it is to provoke my vassal Wang Kon of the Inca, I pass.

^ Not serious enough? I start drafting Riflemen on the Russia side.

^ He can't resist. Crossbows and War Elephants are two generations behind Rifles and Cavalry.

^ Worried about my new #1 rival Charlemagne wandering eastward toward me with relatively advanced shit.

^ The South of Willem. A joke to fight.

^ Swing back to the barbs. Frigates bombard defences and Rifles dare to dream.

^ Still alarmed at Viking/Charlemagne stack. Press on into Willem.

^ My efforts net me a Great General. I settle him this time.

^ We press west in hope of capitulation.

^ The South. The Inca assist us.

^ Still observing Charles' advance east over any potential light blue threat.

^ Elizabeth breaks free. Willem will surely fall.

^ The release of Elizabeth of the Celts and all the military pressure marks Capitulation for him.

^ Great Spy with Communism. Golden Age (our first) commences.

^ Brief press into Elizabeth to get a decision.

^ Slaughter reduced her to one defender and certain Capitulation.

^ Fin. Peace without taking a city. Who is next so we can win?

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