09 February 2018

Civ 4 18 civs Pangaea test Marathon Monarch episode 2

Episode 2.

Indian War.

 ^ Already in Delhi and with the next major stack moving back in.
 ^ Composition of the main stack.
 I was able to use the few hundred espionage points I had built up versus Victoria to utilise at least two City Revolts which helped a bit.
 ^ It was fun baiting and destroying that small stack of five Indian swordsmen, they kept pressing toward my border because I had some Workers there.
 ^ It was probably a mistake to separate my stack, bt here is the one on the coast, awaiting the help of the Spy.
 ^ Note that Bombay is out of cultural defence; I think my Spy City Revolt didn't pay off so had to bombard the old fashioned way.
 ^ Not much left of Bombay!
 ^ I had written a gigantic 'VASSAL' in lines to unsubtly remind myself to vassal Vicky when I reached the coast and she was reduced to mere island holdings. Not ideal but prudent-ish financially.
 ^ Bombay has fallen. Still awaiting the help of a Spy in Paliputra.
 ^ I defied the Apostolic Palace resolution for my sins.
 ^ She will give in, but I want to push her off the mainland.
 ^ I awaited the arrival of a second stack from Vijayanagara to finish off the resistance in her new capital of Not-Delhi. 
 ^ Inexplicable low quality? Anyway, I chose city revolt...
 ^ And succeeded, as per green spy symbol on city. Commence the attack...
^ Got it. I made her capitulate then, freeing me to swing west toward Cyrus.

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