06 June 2018

Cold War 1 vs 1 PBEM (CSH vs south) tired edit

While I have been playing AoW on and off for a long time I decided to return to the world of play by emails for the third or fourth time. I first started in maybe 2006-7, was bold, returned, was bold again in 2009, returned sporadically to the Heaven forum until 2012 when I went inactive and subsequently played a few games on the Facebook group until 2014. I was probably at my best in the latter phases but I think I've still got it. Years of experience!

 ^ Created a neat little firing line against these grey halfling defenders, I'm the blue human players in yellow uniforms. A bunch of Halfling riders tried to go out the gates on the left and centre while the battering ram works the right hand side of the wall. Likewise two pikes have stopped a rider on the right hand side - first strike really does help versus cavalry who have 'charge' which makes their first hit extra powerful.

Classic bonus. Started to rebuild a town underground and as soon as your flag appears you can double click on the city and access it. You can actually build units until it is rebuilt, except these are Undead which would not be ideal for me.

^ Scouted out a Crypt. Was trying to get my orange Azrac hero more new items. The Wraith is deadly as it has Physical Immunity and I had no magic items to hit it with, or so I thought.

^ Judging from this screenshot, I had Lightning Bolts from another item tthe whole time. I can't remember what these two item bags had in them but I realised I could hit the wraith the whole time with lightning.
 ^ Starting to injure it. I eventually got him; they are quite weak once you get past the Physical Immunity but are capable of slaughtering entire armies who don't have magic.
 ^ Preservation. My units at the bottom were injured after finishing their fights so I pulled them back. This works well as The Dwarf Archer on the extreme left by the gate came out from behind the wall to get a shot on my weak guys, or at least to get back in range. Silly AI. My other dudes finished them off.
 ^ My opponent. The faces are how his leader relates to each race. All the standard situations here. This is about 30+ turns in out of 41.
 ^ My race relations. Funny that my leader's name was similar to mine! Note how I have improved relations with many races by building walls here and there in conquered cities as well as upgrading them. Wooden and then Stone walls give +5 relations, for a total of +10. The default relation between my human leader and for example the bearded Dwarves is 50, neutral. +10 makes it 60, polite, which allows you to buy independent Dwarf cities outright. Take one, build walls, buy more, rinse and repeat.

 ^ I had a suspicion the game was mine when I was sending Human Air Galleys (so powerful) across the neutral sea between us without a response. I wasn't sure if he started in the caverns below or the surface like me, turns out we were both on the surface (I was in the bottom-right corner, he the top-left).
^ My map control just before the last turn. We were already starting to skirmish all along the upper-middle and some cities changed hands but I was getting the better of the battles. He had a lot of Frost Queens for some reason, possibly to assist crossing the sea. I was looking forward to fighting a decisive battle on the right hand side until he conceded the game. I had bought a ton of units there and was in the process of crossing with the Air Galley, while you can see a solitary light blue dot in the centre right of the map here which was his hero and main force from what I can see.

^ The postgame screen. He said he expanded much slower but which I suspected but I was also thinking maybe he had started in the caverns and had a parallel huge empire, I felt I was doing well but only time would tell.

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